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“What’s your favorite bikini beach?”

I get asked that question a lot.  Bikini beaches, they’re for families.  I’ve been to many of these with my family, some with my wife and some just by myself.  Let me show you my favorites and highlight:

  • Picture of girls in bikini walking Daytona Beach FloridaBikini beaches, beaches for families, couples or just for a stroll
  • Restaurants
  • Beach fun
  • Bikini bars
  • Beach Gear (the list) and bikini shopping
  • Hotels or condos on the beach
  • Where to go, what to do and where to stay, all on the water...

Hopefully I can answer your questions on my favorite bikini beaches, not just bikini beaches, but beaches where you can play with your family, relax and have a great day!

What’s a bikini beach?

Obviously a place where you find bikinis, but truly, bikini beaches are where I find families having fun together.

Kids love them... teenagers love them... big kids, like me, love them too. How can you not love the beach, sun, water, breeze, animals…watching kids play in the waves, and oh yeah, and most days a girl in a bikini walking the beach.

So grab a towel, some lotion, a book and pick a bikini beach for your family.

Pick a bikini beach to visit … Click a beach destination from my menu on the left, and dig deeper to find more bikini beaches, bikini bars, restaurants, beach shopping, what to do and where to go.

Day Trips, if you only have a day for the beach, see my day trips for each of the beaches on the left.

Beach Play, what can you do on bikini beaches. Volleyball, surfing, snorkeling, skim boarding, bikes, parasailing, fishing, golf carts, scooters … This is where I’ll clue you in to what the available beach activities are.

Bikini bars and Restaurants

What’s a Bikini Bar? Bikini bars of course can be found at most bikini beaches, no need to change into your clothes because if you’re a girl in a bikini, they consider you a preferred customer. Time to leave the kids behind for an afternoon refresher, although I usually take my kids along for an iced drink.

Exploring Restaurants on the beach. After a day at the beach, time to hit a local restaurant for some surf food. I typically frequent the more local restaurants and stay away from the chains, besides you already who the chain restaurants and what they serve.

Throw on some shorts, skirt or sundress and/or a cool beach shirt and let’s go restaurant exploring. Oh yeah, these restaurants are probably the only place where a girl in a bikini might be inappropriate, but who knows, you can always bring a blouse to cover it up.

Bikini Shopping and other stuff

Beach Shopping, need a new bikini for the beach or a kid’s swimsuit? Might want to check our beach gear list to make sure you have what you need.

Beach store or Bikini stores?

Beach stores have all the beach supplies you might need for a day on the beach.

Bikini stores put girls in bikinis, sorry guys. They usually specialize in the latest bikini fashions. If your thinking about a thong bikini or micro bikini, be aware some bikini beaches may frown upon them.  Although today's skimpy string bikinis, might still get that full body tan.

Attractions, other stuff to do around the beach. Parks, putt-putt, go-carts museums, theme parks, places to go nearby besides the beach…

Hotels or Condos, want to spend the night or maybe a week on the beach. Hopefully the details will help with your decision, I also tried to rank them based on price. I guess I could have called them bikini hotels, but that would be a place where bikinis stay.

Fishing, on the beach, from the pier or maybe a fishing charter. They seem to fish everywhere. I’m not a big fisherman, but I’ll let you know what I hear. If you don’t have your own fishing gear, we’ll let you know where it can be rented and where you can find bait. Fishing charters can also be hired around many of our bikini beaches.

Real Estate on the beach. Did you like the beach, want to buy a place? In my beach visits, I’ve stumbled across some great real estate agents that specialize in beach front rentals. Check out the specific beach pages for a real estate agent in that area.

Tell me about your favorites beaches. Where do you take your family, what do you do when you get there. Send a photo of your favorite bikini beach, we might include it on our web page or in our monthly e-zine.

Monthly e-zine - Sign up for my monthly e-zine to read what others have to say. I’ll also let you know what’s new at bikini beaches.

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