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Discovery Beach Restaurant in Cocoa Beach

If you like the TV show Survivor, the Discovery Beach Restaurant will not leave you stranded on a deserted island. They have a great ambience which includes collectibles from the Survivor TV show. The menu won't leave you stranded either, choose from Thai, steaks, seafood or a great Swiss fondue menu.

Master Chef and owner, Jan Weigle earned his Culinary Art Masters Degree in Switzerland and moved to Thailand where he served the Thai Royal Family. Some of his favorite creations are available on the Thai menu, so dine like Thai royalty.

According to Jan, the Swiss invented Fondue, being from Switzerland he thought it would only be fitting to also offer Fondue at the Discovery Beach Restaurant. Start with a fondue appetizer or make it a three course meal. If you've got kids, they love it! Start with a cheese fondue for an appetizer, than a meat and vegetable fondue for the main course, finish with a melted chocolate desert fondue.

I'm not sure who said it, but the word is the Discovery Beach Restaurant was voted the best Swiss Fondue in Breavard County.

Tantalizing Thai Menu

Three years as an Executive Chef for the Royal Thai Family gave Jan the experience he needed to offer customers a unique Thai dining experience at this Cocoa Beach Restaurant.

These Thai dishes are unique and made from authentic Thai ingredients. Join Jan every Saturday night for an unforgettable Thai meal!

  • Tom Yam Goong (Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup With Lemongrass)
  • Po Pia Taud (Spring Rolls)
  • Gai Pad Med Ma-Muang (Chicken with Cashew Nuts)
  • Satay; Neua, Moo, Gai, Goong (Marinated Skewers; Beef, or Pork, or Chicken or Shirmp)
  • Gaeng Keow Wan Nuea, Goong (Red Curry with tender Beef strips or Red Curry with delicious Shrimp)
  • Gaeng Keow Wan Gai (Green Curry with Chicken)
  • Pad Thai (Stir-Fried Thai Noodles)
  • Kao Pad, Sapparod, Moo, Nuea, Gai, Goong (Fried Rice with either Pineapple, or Pork, Or Beef, or Chicken or Shrimp)
  • Pad Pak Ruam Mit (Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables)
  • All entrées are served with rice. Choose your dish; mild, spicy, or HOT!

    Fondue Menu at the Discovery Beach Restaurant

  • Swiss Cheese Fondue
  • Fancy Cheese Fondue
  • Classic Bourguinion Fondue
  • Chinoise Fondue
  • Melted Chocolate with cheese cake and fruit
  • Milk Chocolate Fondue
  • White Chocolate Fondue
  • Mixed Chocolate Fondue
  • The Bourguinion and Chinoise fondues are served with filet mignon, sirloin, chicken breast, fresh salmon, shrimp, mushroom caps and a selection of seasonal vegetables. The chocolate fondue comes with cheesecake and a variety of seasonal fruits.

    Succulent Steaks or Seafood

    Jan features New Your Strip or Filet Mignon hand cut to the size your want. It's served with your choice of potatoes or vegetables. These might be the best Steaks in Cocoa Beach!

    How big is your appetite? If you can down a 25 ounce steak, you'll be inducted as a Discovery Beach Restaurant Steak Survivor and be listed on their hall of fame plaque. The record is 72 ounces. Good Luck!

    Survivor TV Show Fans

    The staff of Discovery Beach Restaurant are avid “Survivor” fans and well known by many of the Survivor Cast Members. I can't believe all the stuff these guys have collected through the years. My Mom's a huge Survivor fan and a frequent Cocoa Beach visitor, we  didn't even know these guys and their collection existed.

    My Mom's a huge Survivor fan and frequents Cocoa Beach, I'm sending her here on her next trip.

    They have one of Florida's largest collection of authentic Survivor memorabilia including Survivor Members' Tribal Council Torches, signed photographs, banners, props, etc. These things were actually used on the Survivor TV show. Thursday nights are survivor parties with Survivor on big the screen TV.

    Jan and crew are truly survivor TV buffs, they also have props and memorabilia from the “Amazing Race” and the “Apprentice” TV shows.

    This is just some of what they have collected:

  • Wooden picture and surfboard that was signed and given to them by Survivor and cast members
  • Survivor Torches - One of only 2 complete survivor torch collections in the world
  • Keith's Torch (Season 2)
  • Kim P's Torch (Season 3)
  • Gabriel'sTorch (Season 4)
  • Clay's Torch (Season 5)
  • Jannie's Torch (Season 5)
  • Rob C's Torch (Season 6)
  • Heidi's Torch (Season 6)
  • Lillian's Torch (Season 7)
  • Jenna L.'s Torch (Season 8)
  • Rory's Torch (Season 9)
  • Caryn's Torch (Season 10)
  • Janu's Torch (Season 10)
  • Jamie's Torch (Season 11)
  • Cindy's Torch (Season 11)
  • Ara's Torch (Winner Season 12)
  • Sundra's Torch (Season 13)
  • Cassandra's Torch (Season 14)
  • Cast signed Survivor Fiji Exile Island Flag
  • Survivor Fiji Exile Island, Hidden Immunity Necklace Clue Box
  • Alex's Hidden Immunity Necklace from Survivor Fiji
  • Survivor Exile Island
  • Challenge Flag signed
  • Drum used during Survivor Africa
  • Team Immunity Idol from Survivor Exile Island
  • Survivor Africa Immunity Challenge Drum
  • Cast signed Flag, which was on top of Exile Island be for they burned it
  • Green Mat, (Most likely the Merger Flag) from Survivor Palau, signed by the entire cast
  • Drum from Russ Landau, signed by the whole Survivor All Star Cast including Jeff Probst
  • Survivor Exile Island, Casaya Camp Flag signed
  • All Star Survivor Cast signed T-Shirt
  • Big Tom's Eating Gourd from Survivor Africa
  • Matthew's Hat used in Survivor Amazon
  • Survivor The Australian Outback signed Cast picture
  • Survivor Amazon Hammock only given to Crew members
  • And a whole bunch more...
  • OK, maybe it's not the short list!  Mom's going to love this Place!

    MapIt! Discover Beach Restaurant, 300 Barlow Ave., Cocoa Beach, FL 32931  Located in the Discovery Beach Resort

    Phone: 321-783-1766

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