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Jetty Park Beach Ė Fishing, Camping and Space Shuttle Launches

Jetty Park Beach is located at the north end of Cocoa Beach, which is actually in Port Canaveral Florida. This beach is wide and flat. Itís great for the kids to skim board, play catch, Frisbee or just to fly a kite. Little kids love to swim this beach because itís so flat.

Cruise ship departures to watch. Check the schedules from Port Canaveral, normally two or three ships sail on Sundayís and Thursdays including Disneyís Wonder. The ships usually sail between 4-6 pm. You can watch from your car or on the beach.

Check out the observation deck above the snack bar.  It was added after the last hurricane, so climb up for a great view of the beach and harbor.

Jetty Park Beach Disney Wonder Cruise Ship - Port CanaveralMap It! enter this address into your navigation radio: 400 Jetty Park Dr, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920. Exit George King Blvd. from 528 (A1A) and head east.  Follow the signs to Jetty Park Beach, George King Blvd turns into Jett Park Dr.

If you donít want to walk to the beach, Jetty Park has lots of parking along the harbor.  You can sit in your car or use a nearby picnic site. After a day on the beach, we like to grill here and watch the cruise ships. Weíve even seen a submarine going into the naval station at the south end of Kennedy Space Center.

Ron Jon resort in cocoa beach (Port Canaveral) shares the beach with Jetty Park Beach

Jetty Park Beach Amenities

Life guards, restrooms, snack bar, bait shop, break wall fishing, camping, picnic area, campground store, board walkÖanother great place to spend the day.  There are also several restaurants in the Cove.  See Cocoa Beach under Port Canaveral restaurants.

Picnic Area and Grills are available in the park. The camp ground store usually has hot dogs, chips charcoal and condiments. I'm not sure if they still sell beer and pop at the bait store. So even if you didnít plan on staying, you can always make some last minute plans and grill some dogs for dinner.

Camping - The campground here is a bit rustics, but itís about as close as your going to get to the beach. If you camp here, the beach or fishing is what you do. If youíre thinking of camping here for a shuttle launches, better make your reservation well in advance.

Fishing the break wall at Jetty Park Beach is a popular spot for the locals. The bait shop seems to have the necessities. I think they even rent fishing poles for beach fishing or casting off the break wall.

Watch Space Shuttle Launches at Jetty Park Beach

Space Shuttle Launces at Jetty Park BeachShuttle launch days get pretty crowded here. Those who watch from here agree that itís the best place to watch a launch. Iíve seen two launches from Jetty Park Beach and one from Titusville. Titusville is a little closer, but route A1A through Titusville is definitely not a bikini beach.

The streak of smoke is the space shuttle, your closer than the picture looks and the rumble you hear a few seconds after launch is really cool.

Jetty Park Beach is the closest beach to Kennedy Space center. Itís probably 10 miles to the launch pad. If you want to get closer to the launch you can go downtown Titusville or onto the causeway which heads from Titusville to the National Sea Shore. Personally Iíd rather relax on the beach while waiting for the launch.  Whichever option you choose, plan to spend the day.

Other Stuff Near by

  • Port Canaveral Cove Restaurants are about a mile east, see Cocoa Beach for details
  • Cocoa Beach Pier is a couple miles south.
  • Parasailing boat sales from the Port Canaveral Cove, about 1 mile east
  • Cocoa Beach Florida, see the Cocoa Beach page for a bunch of other stuff
  • Kennedy Space Center, is about 15 minutes north
  • Sun Cruz Casino Ship and Sterling Casinos Ships about 1 mile east in Port Canaveral Florida
  • National Sea Shore is about 40 minute North

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