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Cocoa Beach Surfing Reports

Get daily up to the hour surfing reports for Cocoa Beach Florida from the Surf Guru and latest conditions on Surfline. They update their reports daily on surf forecasts, tide charts and surfing related information. Before you head to the beach check these guys out.

The Surf Guru has been providing daily surf reports for Cocoa Beach since 1996. They have the best Cocoa Beach web cams around. This is a great way to check out the Cocoa Beach surf before you head to the beach. They have surf cam locations around some of their favorite surfing spots:

  • Cocoa Beach Pier Surf Cam
  • Downtown Cocoa Beach Surf Cam
  • Second Light by Patrick Air Force Base
  • Satellite Beach (RC's), can hold a solid 8 ft north swell but can be dangerous.
  • Indialantic Surf Cam (Boardwalk), 8 ft swells, fast sections and gnarly tubes.
  • Spessard Holland (Spessie) best at high tide when there's a ground swell.
  • Spanish House Surf Cam (Spanny), holds 6ft swells before closing out.
  • Sebastian Inlet Surf Cam (1st peak), Melbourne, lots of good surfers, challenging waves, not for beginners.
  • Sebastian Inlet Jetty (Monster Hole), Melbourne, Solid North swells up to 10 ft, long workable lifts.
  • Wabasso (Waboooly)
  • You'll have to check out Surf Guru for more details on surfing each beach. Where to surf, the swells, breaks and best conditions for surfing Cocoa Beach. Read the details, you can learn about reefs and potential danger spots as well as the surfer nick names for the beaches listed above.

    Another great source for Cocoa Beach Surfing reports and conditions is Surfline.

    If you're new to surfing, take a surfing lesson or put your kids in surf camp at NexGen Surf School

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