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Daytona Beach Ė Back to the beach

Daytona Beach Florida has self proclaimed it ďThe worldís most popular beachĒ. The Daytona 500, Bike Week, Biketoberfest and spring break make that point hard to argue. It also has a truly great drive on bikini beach which makes it a great family vacation beach.

Bring your family to Daytona Beach for a vacation, thereís plenty to do here to keep busy. Letís start with the beach; I could easily spend a few hours here every day. Being able to drive on the beach gives you the flexibility to stay anywhere in Daytona Beach while allowing you to show up anytime and get premium beach parking, any day, all day.

There are plenty of condos and hotels for rent on the beach, especially if you visit when there are no major events happening. Prices right on the beach can be very reasonable if youíre not to picky.

Drive the Beach for miles, almost all of Daytona Beach can be driven. When the tide is out, it can be as wide as 500 feet and itís over 20 miles long. What a great bikini beach to cruise, you most definitely will see girls in a bikini on this beach drive. Or just park, grab your beach chair and watch the traffic cruise by.

Do you prefer a beach without cars? Than park in the parking deck by the Main Street Pier / Band shell. This is the center of a mile long stretch of beach set aside for pedestrian traffic only, no cars. The only traffic here is the type with two legs, guys and girls doing the bikini walk.

Main Street Pier on Daytona Beach

The Main Street Pier is the oldest centerpiece of Daytona Beach Florida. Itís the longest pier on the eastern seaboard. For a couple of bucks you can take a ride in the Space Needle, which is over a 100 feet tall or ride the gondola Sky Lift to the end of the pier. Or just take a walk to the end of this historic pier which reaches out almost a quarter mile into the Atlantic Ocean.

Fishing off the Main Street Pier - Didnít bring any equipment or bait, not a problem.  You and your kids can rent a pole and fish off the pier. The guys in the bait shop can help you choose from a selection of fresh or frozen bait. The best part is, thereís no fishing license required, not sure why, but it works for me.

Bikini Bars on Daytona Beach

Bikini bars are bars where bikinis are welcome. So walk off the beach and stop in for a drink. These bars turn into great bikini beach night spots. Unless you like a wild crowd, Iíd stay away during college spring break.

Ocean Deck bikini bar brings a little bit of Jamaica to Daytona Beach. Enjoy the beach breezes in this open air bikini beach bar. Reggae music, seafood and their Caribbean atmosphere rivals any around.

I'm still looking of other, so if you've got some ideas send them my way to admin @ bikini-beaches.com.

Restaurants on Daytona Beach

Take a break from the Daytona International Speedway and ride your bike (motorcycle) to one of these Daytona Beach restaurants on the beach:

Main Street Pier Restaurant has casual dining, very reasonable prices and sits above the Atlantic Ocean on the Main Street Pier. Walk in off the beach or drive on over for dinner. Itís a full service restaurant.

Ocean Deck, ya the great bikini bar above, also serves some good seafood. Itís a great place to stay for an early evening dinner.

Ocean Walk Restaurants - Iím not a big fan of chain restaurants; Iíd rather have a beer and explore a local joint.  But if you prefer the corporate franchise restaurants, there are plenty to choose from in the Ocean Walk Shops.

What else can I do on the beach in Daytona Beach?

Helicopter rides

Parasailing takes you high into the sky overlooking Daytona Beach. You can sign up for rides as high as 2000 ft, thatís almost a half mile above the beach.

Jet Skiís

Learn to Surf or skim board

Rent a beach bike or motor bike to cruise the beach

Fishing Deep Sea Charter or fish off the Main Street Pier

Shop the souvenir and t-shirt stores along the beach strip.  You can also pick up any necessities from my beach gear list that you may have left behind.

Shop the Ocean Walk Shops two blocks north of the Main Street Pier. Park in the parking deck on Earl St., itís just a couple blocks north of the Main Street Pier. Thereís a water park for the kids on the west side, the beach is a half block on the east and plenty of shopping across the street.

Why go to Daytona Beach

Hereís the short list of yearly events that help draw over eight million visitors a year:

  • The great bikini beach, Daytona Beach
  • Spring break, not as popular as it used to be but still plenty of college students
  • The Daytona 500 (NASCAR)
  • Pepsi 400 (NASCAR)
  • Bike week, first two weeks in March, join hundreds of thousands of bikers
  • Biketoberfest at the end of October, welcomes bikers back to Daytona Beach
  • Golfing, dozens of courses to choose from
  • Championship Tennis
  • And much moreÖ

Other Stuff around Daytona Beach Florida

Old Daytona Beach, itís a great walk along this strip on N. Beach and S. Beach. Old and new buildings with shops and restaurants. The walk also takes you along the intercoastal waterway and several parks. Stop in and watch a minor league ball game at Jackie Robinson Ballpark.

Golfing in Daytona Beach - Choose from over two dozen championship courses, some of which were designed by great golfers like Arnold Palmer and Gary Player. The womenís LPGA is also headquartered here.

Daytona International Speedway home to he Daytona 500 and several other NASCAR including the Nextel Cup and Pepsi 400. Itís 480 acre complex make it the largest venue for motor sports in the world. Itís also when of the busiest with 10 major racings weekends a year, not to mention a bunch of civic functions, bike and car shows.

Experience NASCAR at Daytona USA - Race you kids in scale race cars (go carts), get the thrills of several simulators and experience NASCAR in the IMAX theatre. It sure feels real. This and other interactive motor-sport rides are available at Daytona USA. If you or your kids are NASCAR fans, a stop here should be on your list of things to do in Dayton Beach Florida at the Dayton International Speedway.

Adventure Landing Water Park, miniature golf, games and two level go cart track. Take a break from the beach and enjoy this family fun park. Itís by Daytona International Speedway.

Klassix Auto Museum has a great collection of Corvettes, classic motorcycles and more.

A Little Daytona Beach History

Back in the day, early 1900ís Daytona Beach was used for racing. The beach was hard and packed enough for ďhorseless carriagesĒ and motorcycles. Thus the drive on beach was born. In the 1930ís the first stock car race was held on the Dayton Beach Road Course. Finally in the late 1950ís, Daytona Beach International Speedway was build.

Daytona Beach Florida (Surrounding Area)

Daytona Beach surrounding area attractions.  Thereís plenty do to besides the bikini beaches:

  • Kennedy Space Center, 40 minutes south in Titusville, Florida
  • St. Augustine Florida, 40 minutes north
  • Restaurants in "The Cove" in Port Canaveral, 60 minutes south in Port Canaveral, See Cocoa Beach Restaurants
  • Wild alligator watching
  • National Sea Shore 40 minutes south in Titusville, Florida
  • New Smyrna Beach, drive on beach, 30 minutes south in New Smyrna Beach, Florida
  • Plenty of other shopping
  • Free Sun Cruz Casino Ship and Sterling Casinos Ships 60 minutes south in Port Canaveral
  • Air boat rides
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