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Where to eat and drink in Gulf Shores

Let it be known that there are no bad restaurants in Gulf Shores. The snow birds, with their years of experience, hit the restaurants for lunch, which means eating by 2:00. Why anyone would want to leave a great bikini beach at 2:00 for lunch.... Oh ya there old and retired with nothing else to do and they wan to save a few bucks. My Mom thinks it’s well worth it!

Bikini Bars on Gulf Shores Beach

These are great casual bars on the beach where you can walk up mid day in a bikini and have a drink on their deck.

The Pink Pony - Walk up off the beach and enjoy this great Gulf Shores bikini bar. It’s casual and quick, see description under restaurants below.

Bahama Bobs is a great place to play or watch some bikini beach volleyball. No doubt bikinis are welcome, what would beach volleyball be without them.

Restaurants on the Beach in Gulf Shores

Sea and Suds is a favorite. It’s on 180 just east of Gulf Shores. It sits on stilts at the surf line. At high tide with a south wind blowing you can actually be sitting over the water. The price is very reasonable. The fare is light but substantial. Besides the salad bar which is adequate, the hamburgers and fried shrimp are delicious. Most meals come in a basket. You’ll leave here full, but your wallet won’t be empty.

The Pink Pony is in the heart of downtown Gulf Shores. You can eat on the deck and watch the bikini beach walk. You can eat and drink on the deck or sit inside. Send the wife and kids off to the souvenir shops and watch them from the deck. It can either be a quickie kind of place or a leisurely, watch-the-sunset kind of place. It’s inexpensive. The menu is small, but everything on the menu goes with beer.

Bahama Bobs is a mile down along Gulf Shores West Beach. It’s on the beach and usually has a volleyball net erected. There’s a good sized menu with a wide range of foods. The servings are generous with moderate prices.

Hooters Need I say more! This one has a large front porch for eating. It’s across the street but you can still see the Gulf Shores Beach, if your tall and stand on a table. But who really cares. My Mom thinks the girls in bikinis on Gulf Shores beach are more risqué than anything you’d ever see in Hooters. So go on in for a chick sandwich or some wings.

The Island Grille is next door to Hooters. It’s a little more upscale from Hooters. The ambiance reflects an island atmosphere. It’s a full menu featuring seafood, but for you non-seafood lovers, you’ll be able to find something else to eat.

Island Pancake House in the Best Western on the Beach is a full service restaurant with a bikini beach view.  They serve breakfast all day or any choice of entree's...more

A short block off the beach

These places aren’t on the beach, just a block off and downtown Gulf Shores, they are an easy short walk or bike ride.

Hopes Cheesecakes are home made in Gulf Shores every day.  Stop in for desert or pick up a cake to take home or to a party.  They'll rank right up there as the best you've ever had!.

The Shrimp Basket is always busy! It’s a small place, but you can eat in or out. Shrimp, along with fish, is it’s staple menu item. It comes in a basket, and it’s oh so good!

Cricos pizza is next door to The Shrimp Basket. It’s another small place but always busy. You can eat in or out. The lunch buffet is especially good.

DeSotos shouldn’t be missed. It seems to be everyone’s favorite. There’s not a bad meal in the house from fish to pork chops to sandwiches. Lunch prices are very reasonable. Dinner prices are slightly more. No one’s ever been disappointed after leaving here.

Other Gulf Shores Restaurants - Not on the beach

If you’ve got a bike or want to jump in your car, but still stay in Gulf Shores, travel 3 to 5 minutes north on AL 59. Stop at any of the following:


  • Pizza Hut…no need to say more

  • The Oyster House…just as good as DeSotos…4 stars

  • The Big O…good menu, worth trying
  • King Neptunes…mostly seafood, good lunch specials
  • Tequilas…could be the best Mexican food in the area
  • Godfather’s Pizza…great lunch buffet

    …and it’s all 1 to 3 miles from the beach!

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