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Pink Pony Pub - Gulf Shores

Pink Pony Pub in Gulf Shores AlabamaThe Pink Pony Pub is right on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama. After a day in the sun and sand, walk up for a casual dinner. Don't feel like leaving... then stick around for some live music played by one of Gulf Shores favorite local bands.

No direction required, drive along the beach in Gulf Shores, it's the pink building!

... Oh Ya! Bikinis are definitely welcome here!

They serve lunch and dinner daily and have a full bar for your drinking enjoyment. Ask about their specialty drink menu. You can drink and dine on their deck with the Gulf surf as your backdrop, or go inside where it's cool.

There's always a Party at the Pink Pony Pub! The nightly live music starts at 9 PM and rolls til 3 AM. They have a band schedule on their web site or give them a call.

Good Times, Good Friends, Cold Drinks...

The History of the Pink Pony Pub

The Pink Pony Pub's heritage started as a 30 by 30 cafe, bar and bait shop located at the foot of the Gulf Shores Pier and run by the Calloway family. The Pink Pony opened for the first time in 1969. Bruce Mernik's parents bought the Seahorse Cottages in 1968 and asked him to join them in the venture. They offered up the little pink building, a shaack at the time, but a bar none the less.

Being a carpenter by trade, Bruce remodeled the original wood building and upgraded the little beach bar. His Mom named it the Pink Pony after the Seahorse on the Cottages. If you talk to some of the older locals, they can still remember this old bar at the end of the fishing pier.

The pier and original wooden Pink Pony are long gone thanks to hurricane Frederic. The new place is concrete with pilings (bring on the hurricanes). Painted pink forever so say it's current owners Bert, Bob and Chopper. The Pink Pony is simple and stark with a lot of heart.

If you're a first timer to Gulf Shores, you shouldn't miss the Pink Pony Pub, it's one of the true landmarks of Gulf Shores!

The Pink Pony Pub Menu


Nachos...The Pink Pony Pub style means South of the Border with Cheese, Jalapenos and Picante. $9.95

Want more? Mucho Nacho Supreme...Better have a Big Ol' Gringo Appetite. Served with Cheese, Taco Meat, Tomato, Onions, Jalapenos, Picante and Sour Cream. $12.95

Soup, choose one of these local favorites, Seafood Gumbo or Seafood Bisque by the cup ($4.50) or bowl ($5.50). It's not New England here, but you can still get some New England Clam Chowder.

Crab Claws...Delicious Blue Crab Fingers Fried or Steamed. $10.10

Boiled Shrimp...A Spicy Local Favorite, U Peel 'Um. $9.10

Coconut Shrimp...12 Shrimp, 2 Hushpuppies & Sauce. $14.95

Oysters on the Half Shell...Pay no attention to the "R" Month Theory...ENJOY! 1/2 Doz. $5.25 Dozen $9.25

Baked Oysters...Garlic butter, Cocktail Sauce, Cheese and Bread Crumbs. 1/2 Doz. $7.25 Dozen $12.95

Jalapeno Oysters...Same as above with Jalapenos. 1/2 Doz. $7.25 Dozen $12.95

Oysters Rockefeller...Spinach, Cheese Sauce and Bread Crumbs. 1/2 Doz. $7.25 Dozen $12.95

Oysters Bienville...Seafood Sauce, Cheese and Bread Crumbs. 1/2 Doz. $7.25 Dozen $12.95

Oyster Poppers...A Bunch of those Lil' Buddies. 1/2 lb $9.10

Gator Bites...You'll want to Bite Em' Back. 1/2 lb $8.10

Potato Skins...Only served with Bacon Bits n' Cheese with Sour Cream on the Side. $6.25

From the Steamer

Royal Reds (Market Price) 1/2 lb $10.10

Shrimp (Market Price) 1/2 lb $9.10

Fried Pickles $5.25

Chips & Salsa $4.95

Fried Green Tomatoes $5.95

Fried Battered Mushrooms $5.25

Stuffed Jalapenos...Crabmeat Stuffed Mouth Burners. $6.95

Spicy Buffalo Wings...When Buffalos Fly??? $6.95

Fried Mozzarella...Creamy Artery Cloggers. $6.95

Chicken Fingers...Fried Cluckers, Regular or Buffalo. $6.95

Combo Platter...Includes some of each of 4 items above. $10.95

MapIt! Pink Pony Pub, 137 East Gulf Place, Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Phone: 251-948-6371

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