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Gulf Shores Alabama

On the Beach in Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf Shores:
Bikini Bars

Gulf Shores Alabama is definitely a touristy ďat the beachĒ kind of town. Itís small. Itís so small that if the beach werenít there, youíd pass right through it. To be honest, itís barely a town. Not your kind of place? Youíre wrong!

For beach lovers, itís a paradise and has been rated one of the top 10 vacation destination in the U.S. Itís known for itís miles of white sugary sand beaches. School breaks and summer vacations bring families to this bikini beach all season long. The beach runs from the center of town, 5 miles west along an area known as Gulf Shores West Beach, and east, through Orange Beach to Perdido Pass, about 8 miles east.

The water is gorgeous, gradually going from shallow to deep. When youíre done walking or swimming, pick up shells or watch for dolphins. Theyíll eventually swim by.

The town of Gulf Shores Alabama might be small, but its offerings, besides the beach, are many. There are restaurants galore as well as the requisite souvenir shopsÖbig onesÖwith choices of merchandise for the young as well as the old and all those teens and tweens.

My Mom and Dad spend most fall and winters here. My Mom wrote most of whatís on this page, thanks a bunch!

How to find the Beach in Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf Shores can be found in the Ďheelí of Alabama. Itís situated on the Gulf of Mexico at the intersection of AL 59 and 180. AL 59 ends at the beach.

Beach Activities

  • Skim boarding
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Fishing charters can be arranged at several locations

    ... and much more

  • Check out our beach gear list for things you might need at the beach.  There are plenty of places to rent or buy beach gear in Gulf Shores, you can Try Ike's Beach Service for beach umbrellas, wave runners, hobies and other beach gear.

    Biking is excellent according to my Mom. The Gulf Shores State Park has paved bike trails. Thereís also a marked-off bike lane on either side of 180 which runs along the beach all the way from Gulf Shores West Beach and into Orange Beach, going east. You can go almost anywhere on a bike either on sidewalks or on these marked bike paths. Itís good family fun.

    Bikini Bars on Gulf Shores Beach

    These are great casual bars on the beach where you can walk up mid day in a bikini and have a drink on their deck.

    The Pink Pony Pub - Walk up off the beach and enjoy this great Gulf Shores bikini bar. Itís casual and quick, see description under restaurants below.

    Bahama Bobs is a great place to play or watch some bikini beach volleyball. No doubt bikinis are welcome, what would beach volleyball be without them.

    Restaurants on the Beach in Gulf Shores

    Visit our Gulf Shores restaurants page for more restaurant details.

    Sea and Suds is a favorite. At high tide with a south wind blowing you can actually be sitting over the water. The price is very reasonable. The fare is light but substantial. Besides the salad bar which is adequate, the hamburgers and fried shrimp are delicious. Most meals come in a basket. Youíll leave here full, but your wallet wonít be empty.

    The Pink Pony Pub is in the heart of downtown Gulf Shores. You can eat on the deck and watch the bikini beach walk.  Send the wife and kids off to the souvenir shops and watch them from the deck. It can either be a quickie kind of place or a leisurely, watch-the-sunset hang-out. Itís inexpensive. The menu is small, but everything on the menu goes with beer.

    Bahama Bobs is a mile down along Gulf Shores West Beach. Itís on the beach and usually has a volleyball net erected. Thereís a good sized menu with a wide range of foods. The servings are generous with moderate prices.

    Hooters Need I say more! This one has a large front porch for eating. Itís across the street but you can still see the Gulf Shores Beach, if your tall and stand on a table. But who really cares. My Mom thinks the girls in bikinis on Gulf Shores beach are more risquť than anything youíd ever see in Hooters. So go on in for a chick sandwich or some wings.

    The Island Grille is next door to Hooters. Itís a little more upscale from Hooters. The ambiance reflects an island atmosphere. Itís a full menu featuring seafood, but for you non-seafood lovers, youíll be able to find something else to eat.

    More restaurants are a short block off the beach, you can walk or ride your bike, they also have several not on the beach and the typical franchise places to choose from... more

    Hotels and Camping in Gulf Shores Alabama

    All the Gulf Shores hotels, condos or camping on my pages are on the beach.

    Gulf Shores Hotels / Condos

    Gulf Shores West Beach Hotels

    This is the area that starts at the end of AL 59 and goes west for 5 miles on 180. There are several condos on this stretch. Much of the 5 miles is devoted to houses and duplexes for rent, depending on the season. Local realtors handle most of these properties.

    Hotels East of Gulf Shores on AL 180

    Going east on 180 there are condos of every description. Again, most of them are handled through local realtors. One of the most popular are the Phoenixís.

    Iíll work on more details and places to stay.  Mom and Dad only camp so they didn't have much to add on the hotel seen. So check back.

    Events and Activities in Gulf Shores

    Don't miss the National Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, It's the 2nd full weekend in October.

    Camping in Gulf Shores

    Gulf Shores State Park - My parents are campers, so they head to the Gulf Shores State Park. Iím going to get in trouble for this. They swore me to secrecy, but theyíre so hyped-up about the park, I had to share it with you.  The Gulf Shores State Park has over 400 sites, all full hookups. The sites are large, all black top and all with picnic tables. Thereís a laundry, canoe rental, activity building, game room and a nature center. If you want to swim, better plan on the Gulf of Mexico, no pool here...more

    Bella Terra RV Resort - If you want more up scale, consider this new Class A RV resort.  As you would expect it's got all the amenities of a top resort...more

    Beach weddings in Gulf Shores

    Sugar Beach Weddings can coordinate a romantic beach or yacht wedding.  Invite a few people or a opt. up for a fully catered affair.  If the beach isn't your style, how about a wedding on a yacht?... more

    Golfing in Gulf Shores

    Craft Farms Golf Resort offer two courses designed by Arnold Palmer.  Play the Cotton Creek or Cypress Bend.  They can also set you up with accommodations on the beach to go along with your golf package.

    Whatís around Gulf Shores?

    The Gulf Shores Zoo is small, but itís perfect for the younger members of your familyÖor the older ones like my Mom. Itís right on AL 59, in town... more

    FloribamaÖa locals spot! This isnít a Gulf Shores attraction, but itís darn good. I canít leave it out, and you wonít want to miss this most unusual bikini bar and restaurant.

    Driving by and looking at the building, youíd be most apt to drive on by, but donít! It looks as if a 12 year old boy built it out of weathered plywood and was only partially successful! This is a must-see, drop in, unique experience.

    Itís on border of Florida and Alabama, thus ďFloribamaĒ, where the famous, or infamous, Floribama sits. This place has even been mentioned in books! Itís a sight to behold.

    The menu is limited. Their food compliments the alcoholÖor the alcohol compliments the food! Iím not sure which, you decide.

    Donít miss it!

    MapIt! Take the extra 15 minutes to drive east on 180 through Orange Beach, over Perdido Pass, to the Alabama/Florida border.

    Fort Morgan is an old fort at the end of Fort Morgan Road. Take a tour.

    Dauphin Island can be reached via a ferry which departs from the Fort Morgan area. Take your car or your bike or just walk. The biking is good (Momís opinion). Visit the Estuariam on Dauphin Island which teaches about marine life in the area.

    Bellingrath Gardens - If you take your car, you can always travel north off the Dauphin Island for about 30 minutes to Bellingrath Gardens. Itís worth a visit for you botanists and nature lovers...more

    The Wharf is a new, big development in Orange Beach on Canal Road. It includes specialty shops, restaurants, a multiplex cinema, a huge ferris wheel, a high rise condominium and a marina.

    USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park is a great place to take a break from the beach and see a some military history.  Toru a battleship, B52 bomber, Submarine and much more... more

    Pensacola, Florida is less than a half hour east of Gulf Shores Alabama. Most famous for itís naval air station, the home of the Blue Angels is less than an hour from Gulf Shores. Itís a small city with the usual amenities, but you can visit the Pensacola Naval Air Station with a great, FREE air museum. It also has an IMAX movie theater, on the base, usually running 2 movies. With luck you might catch the Blue Angels practicing or putting on a show.

    Shopping around Gulf Shores

  • Souvenir stores
  • A Super WalMart (I left this here because itís my Dadís favorite store
  • Tangier Outlet Mall in Foley is 10 miles north of Gulf Shores on AL 59. Feel free to shop Ďtil you drop. My wife can have it, me, Iím staying at the beach.
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