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Orlando Beaches?

Beaches in Orlando? Better recheck your geography, no ocean beaches that I know of, but let me point you to a couple of my favorites that are about an hour from Orlando (Disney World).

Take the family to the beach for a day,

Cocoa Beach Florida, this is the closest beach to Orlando and less than an hour away, on the Atlantic Ocean and due east of Orlando Florida. Head over for the day, you can buy everything you need when your get there. There are several beaches, shopping and the Cocoa Beach Pier.

New Smyrna Beach Florida, this is the closest drive on beach. You might want to call it Daytona Beaches little sister. Itís a little further than Cocoa Beach, but still on the Atlantic Ocean. The coolest part is you can drive down on the beach. Snack bars and beach rentals are on the beach, you can also rent golf cars, quads and powered carts.

Daytona Beach Florida, bigger with more traffic than New Smyrna Beach, this is another drive on beach. Itís one of the worlds most well known beaches. Spring breaks, bike week and the Daytona 500, all bring visitors here throughout the year. It takes a little longer to drive to because of having to deal with downtown Daytona Beach traffic.

Any of these beat the beaches in Disney World, so take a day trip to a real ocean beach.

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